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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I want to remind everyone who reads this that I am trying to care for a beautiful dog that needs a home badly.  Its a tough situation in that I can't afford to do this forever as I have three of my own and three more I am trying to place.  There will be a point in time when I'll have no choice but to look at rescue places and that ain't good.  Please think about Blue, and anyway you can think of to help I'd appreciate your input.  He just wants somebody.  Thanks.

Its been slow around the tailrace of Cherokee Reservoir and Douglas has been inundated with dark brown, muddy, stained water which has kept the fishermen at bay for awhile.  It will all change when the weather stabilizes and the water clears.  I've sold the Gheenoe and am spending some time just visiting places along the Holston River that appear to offer some photographic possibilities.  This entails driving on some back roads - real back roads.
These roads often lead to pretty scenes comprised of meadow, mountain, river or lake.  Often times they end up dead ends.  Funny how there are no warnings about a road being dead end at the beginning of it.  These roads usually have more than their share of stray dogs along them too.  A shame!
Very early mornings provide silhouettes that are interesting and odd.  Many farms and estates down here in Tennessee have family grave yards that contain family members only.  I noticed the above site silhouetted against the early morning sky prior sun up.  It was very far away but the 500 mm lens brought it near.
 It seems that turkeys are present at every turn of the road and in every field.
I did get on the lake a couple days ago after a storm which cleared the sky of haze and provided soft early morning light.  There aren't many photo opportunities on the mud ditch but occasionally I can turn up a fair shot.
I cruised down the shoreline of Douglas Lake and noticed a black spot in a tree.  I suspected what it was.
 He was back lighted as usual due to the fact that I was under him pointing the camera up at the sky but that's OK.  I didn't recognize this fellow.  He's a first year baby but I'm not sure where he came from.  I know all the eagles in the area and this one is  a wonder.
 I was ready with the camera to capture his take off but nothing happened when I pressed the shutter button.  A second press on the button released the shutter.
The shutter button itself is worn out and is starting to be unreliable.  Its time for a new camera or at least a shutter button replacement.  That replacement would cost about $250.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.
And then I noticed the sign below:
 I mean - why would anyone want to live on top of a cliff made of sticky brown mud and rock.  The water is 150 feet below.  I guess that's considered lake front.   I'll never understand the thought process behind this.  Diversity is what makes the world go round I guess, and keeps the cities of Sevierville, Dandridge and Jefferson City in taxes.  Alright, I won't get started.
 I'd rather have the cozy little place below.
Think I'll take a motorcycle ride.  See ya later.  Thanks for looking in.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


And he has those special eyes
No, I'm not turning this into a dog rescue blog but occasionally there is a dog situation that demands publication and this is one of those time..

Blue is obviously a mix breed dog and weighs around 85 pounds.  He's about 4 1/2 years old and healthy as all get out.

He has been caught up in a domestic situation where he has lost his home and is actually living at that home, not abandoned but currently unsupervised.  Actually, he had a family who promised to take him but backed out on the same day Blue's owners were leaving the house.  Now he's stuck.  I and the current owner make trips every morning to visit and feed Blue but this is not a tenable situation.
 Blue needs a permanent home.  He is an outside dog and is no problem at all.  
 Blue is one of those dogs that would stay by your side every minute of the day if he had the chance.  He loves human contact and isn't shy about showing it and would be protective of his owner.  There isn't a harsh bone in his body.  This guy is all love and affection.  If I didn't have Shade he would be home with me right now.  The following statements are important:  Blue will walk beside you with a leash or without a leash.  He will not run away but will stay with you at all times.  He is a human's best friend in all respects.  He just needs someone to hang his hat on.
 If anyone out there would like to meet Blue or have him - please contact me through this blog.  Email or leave a comment.  This dog is one of a kind in that he is beautiful on the outside and even more beautiful on the inside.
 I don't mention this ever but if  anyone  could or would be able to contribute a few dollars to Blue's upkeep I'd appreciate it, until we can get him placed.  I'm sure someone looking for a great companion will come to his aid.   I have to drive to his location and the gas and dog feed isn't budgeted,   
Whoever gets this beautiful dog will have an unbelievable companion to love.  Blue will be up to date on his vacs and shots as well as neutered.  He will be all set to be all that he can be for some very lucky person.  Its not his fault....Thanks.

Friday, October 17, 2014


All shots taken with 150-500 mm Sigma Telephoto & Canon 50D

I was on afternoon shift today and decided to take an early morning ride in the truck to see if the fog would present some unique photo opportunities.  As it turned out this morning was very interesting indeed.
 I still can't believe these shots.  Can you believe this?  No, its not a petting zoo.
These are absolutely amazing pictures!  Its almost like they are gathering together to get on the ark.

Ok, Ok, back to the mysterious morning theme.  
You may notice three small dark circles on some of these shots caused tiny rain drops on the lens.  I didn't notice the water on the lens until several shots past these and didn't see the marks on the pictures until after posting them.  I was too tired and too far into the posting process to retreat and start over.  The shots came out acceptable though.

 My favorite of the foggy morning is below:
My attempts at artistic flamboyancy is below:

These shots are all taken with a 500 mm telephoto lens and that lens isn't at all the proper tool for the job I'm trying to do this morning.  Not too shabby for that long, long lens.

We'll call the following shot "Stranger On The Shore".

We'll leave the fog for a bit.

The sun is finally starting to burn off the fog at the lake.

 A gathering of gulls.

 These used to belong to a farm
More artsy stuff.
And then the strangest thing happened.  While taking the photos of the gulls on the lake, the sound of crows became very loud and two bald eagle juveniles appeared in a tree in front of me.  

 There was no prep time for the pictures as they simply were placed in front of me by the hand of providence.  As usual they were back lighted badly but I guess the shots came out Ok.  Nothing to write home about though.
 The crows were ganging up on the young eagles and they alighted here to avoid the conflict.  The eagle on the upper limb is tearing some fish or animal apart.
These eagles are siblings and have been driven away from their parents territories.  They will probably stay together all winter long until next spring where they will no doubt seek their own ways.

 What better way to spend a morning when one can't sleep?  All this and I never got on the water or out of the truck.   Hope you enjoyed the start of my day.