Tuesday, November 7, 2017


This flag adorned many American warships that fought hard for the free world to continue living as it chooses. It flew over a colonial fort that was besieged and bombarded constantly through a night of terror for the inhabitants, and yet it was still there at morning's light. It flew proudly and represented the American blood spilled at Iwo Jima and other WWII struggles. It covered and still does cover the caskets of the young soldiers who have sacrificed everything for this nation so every citizen can live outside the grasp of tyranny. It makes a bold statement that this is one nation that will remain united in righteous purpose no matter the danger or threat. It was created out of a need for a banner that would represent freedom and individuality, it has been defended since its inception by patriotic men and women through the course of this nation's growth and was, is and ever will be the symbol of the greatness of this united nation. And yet here it lays in ruin and filth on a pile of oily trash, a brightly colored rag that obviously means nothing to the folks who put it there. All I can say is "grow your sons and daughters to be patriots. America needs them. And bring pride in country back to America". This picture has broken my heart!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


This eagle is a resident eagle as I've seen him about on the lake all summer.  He appears to be about three years of age, maybe a little less.  Note that his beak is acquiring the yellow shade of the adult.  He has another year or better to reach adulthood.  He's a beaut!


 Below:  Beaver has a transparent membrane that covers the eye when they prepare to dive.  It can be seen on the image below:
And he's gone