Monday, October 23, 2006


Somewhere near the Trace, a Great Pyrenees guards his flock. Janet says that these dogs will protect any animal they are raised with. Coyotes are prevelent in this area and the dog has his work cut out to thwart those raiders. Always with a smile. She is demonstrating the layered look. Clothing layered on in this fashion guarantees warmpth. Well, sometimes..... Ah, yes. What better place to warm ones feet than on the engine of a $23000 motorcycle. Crafty girl this..... Janet was a trooper. Here we see her near totally frozen, employing the age old trick of lying on prewarmed concrete to absorbe the warmpth. Tricky lady. At the Trace on the Harley Davidson Ultra


Meriwether Lewis Story At the North end of the Trace Ozone Falls in Tennessee.


Took a little motorcycle ride to the Natches Trace which runs from Natches, Mississippi to just South of Nashville, Tennessee. The Trace, as it is affectionately called, is an old indian path used by indians in the late seventeen hundreds. Later, it was used to transport trade goods across country from South to North. During the Creek Indian War, General Andrew Jackson traversed the trace with units of his army. And even Davy Crockett used the trace while in the employ of General Jackson during the war. But the Trace is most remembered for the place where Merriweather Lewis, of Lewis and Clark fame, met his death. He was found in a cabin with a bullet wound to the head. It was considered a suicide. His body lies under a memorial on the spot of his death. Those were the days when men were men and women were women. Pioneer people and frontiersmen crafted from the fabric of the earth and confronted by the perils of the wilderness. We, Janet and I, however, were thwarted by cold weather and threat of rain. Our ride South ended at the Lewis memorial on the Trace. We headed home from there. A cold ride it was.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Outdoor Wanderings

Outdoor Wanderings I have been really busy completing the next step in my life here in Tennessee. Selling a house and revovating a warehouse as a residence has kept me absolutely going nuts for the past six weeks. Work doesn't help either. But I'm finally getting caught up. Leaf season is coming on fast and I will be on the lakes in the boat and over the road on Big Red. Adventures will soon be starting again and the blog will be more active. New animal rescues have been a common occurrance lately as the cold weather comes in. Seems that pet owners simply do not want their companions when it gets cold. Those little animal friends need a break. Help em out when you see one along the road. He or she's not there through their own desire. Starvation isn't pleasant to see. So thanks for being patient and I'll have more "stuff" up here soon.