Monday, October 16, 2006

Outdoor Wanderings

Outdoor Wanderings I have been really busy completing the next step in my life here in Tennessee. Selling a house and revovating a warehouse as a residence has kept me absolutely going nuts for the past six weeks. Work doesn't help either. But I'm finally getting caught up. Leaf season is coming on fast and I will be on the lakes in the boat and over the road on Big Red. Adventures will soon be starting again and the blog will be more active. New animal rescues have been a common occurrance lately as the cold weather comes in. Seems that pet owners simply do not want their companions when it gets cold. Those little animal friends need a break. Help em out when you see one along the road. He or she's not there through their own desire. Starvation isn't pleasant to see. So thanks for being patient and I'll have more "stuff" up here soon.