Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Bald Eagle in flight. Like our nation, it is the symbol of freedom. And we, as a nation, need to be proud of this bird. It has represented the tenacity for freedom that we, as a nation, have fought for and died for. The Star Spangled Banner and the Bald Eagle are as one. What patriot could burn the flag? Would they drive a stake through the heart of a Bald Eagle also. Our nation is certainly represented by a noble and impressive bird. Our country's symbol of freedom. The Bald Eagle adult. Mom is perched high above a nest observing my boat as I slowly and quietly move toward the river bank under the nest tree. An enormous Bald Eagle nest. A Volkswagen could fit inside this structure. And this is what is in the nest. In the nest was this handsome Bald Eagle fledgling. It is a privilige to be able to capture this magnificent young bird on film. The opportunity may never come along again. This is a possible once in a lifetime photo of a Bald Eagle fledgling about a week from flight. Simply magnificent!! A Sand Piper struts along the shore line searching for bugs and These Cliff Swallow nests were found under an interstate bridge on the Tennessee River. One can see the little bird's white chest feathers through the hole in the first nest. This is a design of nature to indicate to other birds that the nest is occupied and to seek refuge elseware. No trip down any river system is complete without observing the Black Vulture at work. This one is picking on the bones of a dead fish. Wonderful garbage collecters. The Prothonotary Warbler. It is found in wooded wetlands and not a bird seen every day. This gorgeous little guy was found in a narrow, dead end cove just South of the Ft Loudoun Dam on the Tennessee River. The Prothonotary Warbler is a territorial little bird and very beautiful to observe. This one has been captured on camera just as it lofted itself into flight.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Something has been in the news a lot lately that has got my feathers ruffled. There is a lot of talk about how important it is for us Americans to celebrate and understand the importance of the Mexican independence date of 1820. George Bush has been on the radio being political and patronizing the Mexican immigrants by asking all Americans to help them celebrate that wonderful occurrence. I know schools are not what they once were and I know that history is thought of as just another course in high school and not too many kids today care about it. But does anyone remember a place in Texas by the name of the Alamo? It was a Spanish Mission where 189 Americans held their ground against the onslaught of 2000 Mexicans led by a tyrant named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. His troops had just returned from the Napolianic wars in Europe and were crack troops. The Alamo folks were husbands, farmers and frontiersmen who had taken up residence in Old Mexico. They were offered land grants by the Mexican government. When Mexico felt threatened by the American intrusion they asked them to leave and gave them an exit date. The men and women of the area refused to leave. Hence the siege of the Alamo. Here, at this sacred place, 189 men fought viciously to fend off 2000 Mexican infantry and calvary. The siege and battle lasted 13 days total. On March 6, 1836 the Alamo fell. There was no quarter given. The few survivors including David Crockett were put to the sword. Every man was killed. The bodies were mutilated and burned. So you ask me to honor the Mexican Independance day. I say "the hell with it" REMEMBER THE ALAMO.