Thursday, August 27, 2009


click on photos to enlarge These are just a very few photos of my outings with the Gheenoe. Her primary purpose is to carry me to photographic opportunities in nature and camping. Of course, it doesn't hurt to do a little fishing once in a while. These shots should lend a flavor of my lifestyle.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today was just one of those lazy days. The GRASS was cut and I was just plain tired. I loaded up the Gheenoe and went to Melton Hill Dam to cruise around and look for photo opportunities. I just kicked back and cruised the entire lake at a blazing 20 miles per hour. The photos below are nothing fantastic; just captured moments transformed into memories I can look at in the future. Cormorants, ducks of all kinds and an osprey are the main characters in the pictures. click photos to enlarge A cormorant taking flight There are ducks of all varieties on the lake More cormorants Yes, accidents do occur on the lake I don't think this boat is worth towing in. These are great blue heron nests. These giant, awkward looking birds nest in these trees and foster two to three young each year. The great blue heron Awkward appearing on land but graceful in flight Cormorants pass by Cormorants sit and dry their wings in the sun. They do not have the good fortune of having glands that produce oils to make them waterproof, like ducks. They must rely on the warmth of the sun. So here they sit They sit, that is, until I disturb them And more cormorants Cormorants are so much fun to watch as they run across the surface of the water flapping their enormous wings! An osprey made a high altitude dive straight into the water as I was taking pictures of the cormorants. I missed the plunge and almost missed the osprey. I did get a couple of distant shots as he passed over carrying a heavy fish that any fisherman would be proud of. He was flying fast. Even my three hundred millimeter lens couldn't catch him You can see the fish if you look closely. It's a large fish. Another great day on a favorite lake comes to an end. I love nature and I love the solitude of the lakes on a week day. I usually have the waters to myself. Until next time; save a dog. Photos taken with Canon EOS 50D & 28mm to 300mm Canon lens