Friday, June 16, 2006

EAST COAST TRAIL (Hiking in East Tennessee)

The East Coast Trail can be accessed by taking Route 95 South off 321 that runs between Maryville and Lenoir City Tennessee. There is a sign designating where to turn. The main parking lot is gravel and is spacious and sanitary. This is a well cared for trail and parking lot. Take a camera as the wildlife is plentiful. The inclines and declines are accented with the addition of well placed and secured logs cut just the right length to form steps. This is really a well designed and maintained trail. Names of trees are documented on little placards placed in front of the tree or bush in question. In short; the trail is lovely. It is an easy hike up and down with beauty everywhere. There is no rubble laying around to spoil the views. The pristine beauty, however is interupted by sounds of construction across the lake. But its not hard to block the unwanted sounds out. The trail touches the lake in many places and offers direct access to the cool waters. Douglas's favorite passtime is swimming after sticks and bringing them to shore. Back at the truck after the hike, Douglas waits for his human to turn on the air conditioner.