Saturday, July 15, 2006


I noticed something in the middle of the four lane highway while driving home from Greenback, Tennessee to Lewisville, Tennessee. It appeared to be a turtle. As I closed on it the object was a dog. I stopped the truck in the middle of the road and reached down and grabbed a hand full of hair and yanked it inside. I was appalled at what I saw. The dog weighed about eight pounds maybe. I couldn't tell which end was an end let alone where the head and tail was. The hair was twisted like hemp rope and hard as PVC plastic. The legs could not bend as the hair was wrapped and twisted to a diameter of about three inches. The little dog laid on its belly and stuck its legs out to the side to shuffle along. Absolutely horrible!. I took the little thing home and commenced to clip the hair. The clippers would not touch it. I could clip the back and the stomach but nothing else. Even its muzzle was covered with the twisted hair to the point that food could not be taken in. A long story short is that I took "her" to a vet and they finished clipping her (three hours) and removed over three hundred ticks. She was given antibiotics for the tick bites, rabies shots, wormed, bordetella and a bath. When I picked her up I was amazed. It turned out to be the sweetest little dog. Great Dog Rescue of Knoxville will place her. She will stay with me until a foster home is found. See the before and after pictures above.