Friday, August 3, 2007


Kyker Bottoms is a wildlife refuge cared for by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. It contains about 140 acres of swamp, wet land, Meadows and trees. Just about anything can be found here. The species of birds is profound. Otters, eagles, vultures, raccoon, beaver, varieties of mice and deer are just a very few._The last two pictures on the page are discouraging. Remember Hiwassi and the Sand Hill Cranes? Here we go again. What brain is in charge in this state?
This building is near the parking lot and contains information about the refuge with posters and signage.
An interesting poster. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge.
Hum; Wren nest boxes I'm guessing. That's about the only thing that would fit through that tiny, tiny hole. Chickadee would fit through I guess.
One of the views from the trail that meanders through the refuge. There is a wet land marsh out by the tree line. This is home to many varieties of ducks.
A viewing shed (blind). Explained in next picture
This is the inside of the viewing shed. Note the "view" cut outs at odd heights. Yes, there are some sensible children out there who appreciate our natural heritage.
The building ahead lies on a walking trail at Kyker Bottoms. It is a viewing shed with peep holes with lids that may be opened and closed. The animals and birds are not stressed while being scrutinized by watchers.
So here's the newest thing going on in Tennessee. Every wildlife sanctuary will eventually have its own housing development installed adjacent to it. This will allow all the wild animals and birds an opportunity to visit with their new human neighbors-------------------------who will try to push them out of what's left of their environment.
This incenses me!