Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Dawn was approaching. The sun was slowly rising above the tall pines on top the hill that bordered the vast lake below. Quiet waters lapped against the sandy shore line. A zephyr fanned the tall grass that grew thirty feet back from the water. All was quiet except for a distant thumping sound coming from down the beach and around the corner. The sound was soft yet gave the impression it was associated with urgency. Slowly the soft repeating thuds grew louder.
The big retriever was stretched full out. His front legs extended forward until huge paws contacted the ground; the rear paws pulled forward under his chest in preparation for the next forward thrust of power. He was magnificent! His golden hair sweped back and down his body as he sheared through the cool morning air. His head did not move up or down but held steady. Sharp, clear, brown eyes peered over a beautifully formed muzzle that pointed the way. Loud exhalations could be heard as he let air escape his nearly closed mouth each time his body weight fell on his forepaws. Great lungs drew in the next breath at each forward thrust of his rear feet. The beach narrowed to nothing for twenty feet and shallow water covered the sand. The golden dog dashed into it without hesitation. Water erupted into vertical splashes and spray as his huge paws plunged through the surface. With tail held out strait back, horizontal to his body; he passed by below me. I yelled; "Douglas!". He immediately veered to the right and up the hill without losing stride and came toward me. His beautiful golden body slowed as he approached. At a walk, he stopped between my feet and sits. Then lays down panting. That's my boy!.......