Wednesday, March 12, 2008


How long you been there old fellow? If you could only talk! How often have you seen your breathern rise and fall about you. Why is it that only you stand alone in defiance, against the survival odds, here on this grassy noll? I'll bet there have been countless camp fires flicker beneath your protective canopy of green. It would be interesting to know how many families have called your enormous branches home over the years. I can see damage to your flesh caused by hatchet, gun and fire. A lesser tree would have succumed ages ago. Yet you stand proud and defiant. I respect your tenacity for life. You are free out here, old tree There is an aura about you that carries the scent of freedom and power and resilience. Isn't that something?! You remind me of my country. Only thing is, old tree; My country already has adopted an animal as her national symbol. The Bald Eagle. But fear not old tree. Without your protective branches, the Bald Eagle would not be at all. So stand proud old one. You provide the lofty perch for the symbol of our nation. You and the Bald Eagle united together are necessary. One can not exhist without the other. United we stand, divided we fall. Hummm; heard that somewhere else I think.