Thursday, May 8, 2008


I haven't been on this site in quite awhile. That will change this weekend. I'll have the new boat on Friday and the lake trips will start shortly after. It will be great to be back on the water and away from cars, noise and civilization. I took on a new dog friend. I was told about him two days ago. His owner has to move to an apartment and Scruffy was slated for the pound and scheduled to be euthanized. I told them to hold everything and that I would get him out of there. I did and his pictures are below. He will be living with my little family here with me until a permanent home can be found. Of course he has visited the vet and got all his shots and neutered. What a friendly, sweet little guy he is. He's ten years old but acts like a pup. Scruffy is up for grabs if anyone wants to adopt him. He is great with cats and other dogs. His face appears to always be smiling.