Monday, August 4, 2008


Saturday was a busy day at work. There were lots of Harley people through the dealership and lots of mufflers to listen too and the weather was hot, with a capitol "H". I stayed to listen to the concert for awhile and to converse with a couple employee friends. But the day got to me. Needed relax time. So I got the Gheenoe and put it in Tellico Lake around 11:00 PM. Happy was handy so I took her along. Also, she is small and wouldn't take up much room. All I wanted to do was drive out in the middle of Tellico Lake and shut it down and just float. I did that. I awoke at 1:00AM and the boat was still in the same place. That is how calm the water gets. Just like a mirror. Happy slept like a log. She does what I do. Sweet little dog. The photography is limited though. I did have fun photographing some fish that came to the surface and collected at the glow of the green running lights from the boat. Interesting. But the calmness of that lake experience was amazing.