Thursday, May 14, 2009


Click picture to enlarge I took the Gheenoe out today on Loudon Lake. There was talk of a storm brewing and I didn't want to venture far away so opted for a close put-in. I selected a little boat ramp that sits on Ish Creek. Ish Creek is situated about as far in the country as one can get on Lake Loudon. It's not pristine but it has the flavor of nature. Very little flavor. After a half hour on the water the wind increased in strength and was becoming an issue. I was trying my hand at fishing when it started blowing. I let it take the Gheenoe where it would. And it did. Today, unlike yesterday, I was on my game. I got some pictures of what would be disaster to any boat if it would come in contact with what lays just below the surface. I fired up the thruster and got the heck out of there. There are boulders the size of cars down there just below the surface. The ol Gheenoe will float in 6 inches of water, but the prop goes deeper than that. I was leaving anyway but took these shots of dangerous water for posterity. Look closely just under the surface It would be interesting navigating through Ish Creek at midnight I'd hate to run into this while on plane at thirty miles per hour. Late afternoon found me back at Woodthrush Ridge messing with the bathroom. I found out, finally, how to adjust the hot water on the bathtub hot/cold water valve and made the correction. However, I cut and capped the water pipes before I left last time and require a couple plastic fittings to reattach them. Oh well! I had my camera with me and decided to try out the 135mm lens on some flowers. They are below. I tried to find their names in my guide book but can not. I'm hopeless with the identification books. Everything I find and see appears different than the depictions in the books. So, here's the pretty poesy's: I was fooling with depth of field on the shot below. Note how shallow the depth of field is. I can actually create blurr mear inches behind the desired subject. Now I'm going to guess on this one. Celandine? This has been a relax and take it easy sort of day. I stayed very busy but the stress level was zero. Just how I like it........I'm going to take you on a trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway soon. I will document this ride in a very detailed maner. It's time to visit the homestead. Also, shortly, Douglas and I will be alone together on a boat camping trip at Santeelah Lake. We need the time together. Until next time; tie all the stuff to your canoe and cinch yer hat down tight.