Friday, September 18, 2009


click on photos to enlarge The day was very hot. A cardboard box sat in an obvious spot in the local cemetery. The young lady was moving about inspecting the way of things at a family grave site. A squeaking was audible. She looked about and noticed the box. The shrill intermittent squeaks were coming from the box. She bent down and opened the top flaps. Inside were twelve small puppies. They were very small. They were too small and young to be away from their mother. The young lady knew the person whom I am partnered with in dog rescue and she brought all the puppies over to her. I received a call from my rescue partner and close friend to come out in the store parking lot. When I got there and saw the situation my heart was broken on the spot. I saw the size of the litter and realized the urgency of the situation. We situated the puppies within the rear fenced in portion of the yard that is used to house dogs we rescue. Fortunately there were no inhabitants at this particular time. A small dog igloo was prepared with straw and a stuffed teddy bear was inserted into the igloo. The puppies immediately huddled around the stuffed bear and attempted to nurse from it. Heart breaking! It was vital to get nourishment into the little guys as soon as possible. My partner applied warm water to puppy feed and softened the small food pellets. When they became mushey, we inserted up to twelve soft food pellets into the mouth of each pup. The next day Janet, my rescue partner and an absolute angel with dogs, started feeding them from an eye dropper. She attends to each pup and assures nourishment reaches each tummy. These puppies are no more than three weeks old. This is far too young to remove from a mother. It is now four days later. One of the puppies is very ill. Janet took him to the vet yesterday and they did tests to eliminate parvo. It does have a virus. The small pup refuses to eat. Janet has had the ill puppy at her house for two days now. She has set her alarm clock to go off every 90 minutes. The puppy needs hydrated. She is doing everything she can for the little dog. It cries like a baby. He is in pain. We are faced with the decision to either let him go or keep working with him to see if the virus breaks. To hold him and look into his little face and realize that he may not have his chance at life and happiness is unbearable. He did nothing to deserve this. Do we allow him to sustain pain in hope he can pull through this illness or do we allow him to drift toward death and peace? Today there are two more puppies displaying symptoms of the virus. They too are refusing to eat. Will they be lost? Will they all be lost? Their bodies are too small and their immune systems not fully developed. The nourishment they are receiving now is only adequate. It is not the same quality nourishment that only the mother can provide. We can only do what we can. They are so tiny and young! I have ranted before on this blog about pet owner responsibility, or lack thereof. But this situation is, number one, a direct result of irresponsible pet ownership and a display of insensitivity to animals by total idiots. What moron would rip twelve babies away from their mother before they are even weaned? The insensitivity of the action amazes me. The mother would be crazy with concern and totally confused. Nature has set her mothering program in action and it was in high gear when all of a sudden every one of her puppies disappeared. And she still is anguished even now. Trust me. But what worries me now and leaves me amazed is that the supposed stewards of these little, innocent puppies would place them in a box and drive them to a cemetery and put the box in the hot sun and drive away. What kind of person would, could, do that? No, couldn't be a moron. Even moron's are sensitive to puppies. Well, I'll tell you what kind of "human", and I use the word lightly, would do a foul thing like this. The idiot, or idiots, that committed this inhumane act probably are the same people who would try to hit a dog walking along the road, or purposely run over a turtle for the fun of it. They are of the ilk who pour gasoline on dogs and set them on fire. They are also the same people who will see the package that UPS sat on your porch and will steal it. They are the same people who, instead of working to earn a living, would rather sign up for welfare checks. They probably are smokers and drinkers and would rather buy cigarettes and liqueur rather than spay or neuter their dogs. "We don't have the money to get the dog fixed. Things are tight these days with the economy." But, by God they will find the money for cigarettes and beer. They got money for fishing and hunting licenses. They find the money to buy expensive ammunition at hunting season. They don't mind calling off work two days in a row to sneak off and go deer hunting. They got money for that. And they would remove twelve very young puppies (three weeks old) from their mother only to leave them in a box in a cemetery in hopes someone would find them before the sun dehydrated their tiny bodies. At times the human race sickens me. Actually, more times than not. I don't know if the very sick little puppy will make it. Janet is plying every one of her angelic tricks to pull him through. Two more puppies are now ill. The virus will probably run rampant through the rest of the litter mates. The stronger may survive. Maybe none will survive. All we can do is try our best with them. The agony these little puppies are living through now could have been avoided if the mother was spayed. Lack of education about spay and neutering is not an excuse. Everyone knows about it and knows it's the right thing to do. These puppies are the result of unconcerned, uncaring pet owners. I can hear their cries outside now; the puppies; little squeaks of hunger and loneliness. They feel lost. No mother to feed them and to cuddle up against for security. So young and helpless to be on their own. I wish there was a way I could find out who brought about all the misery to these little ones. I really do wish there was a way. If I do find out; you'll read about it in the papers. Spay and neuter folks. Spay and neuter. It's the only way. If you are unwilling to fulfill your responsibility to your pet; then don't get a pet.