Tuesday, November 24, 2009



It is a cold dreary day on Melton Hill Lake. I can tell that a cold spell is moving in. I wanted to put the Gheenoe on the lake in order to figure out a glitch in the engine's fuel delivery system. After twenty minutes of running I got it cured; I hope. The slender boat ran perfectly all day. Thank you government for ethanol.

I had the camera with me and was keeping a look out for a photo opportunity. I noticed a great blue heron standing prominently near a fallen tree that was in the water. I put the boat on idle and slowly and quietly moved toward him. I, for once, had time to set the camera where I wanted it. The following photos are the result. This underrated bird carries itself with exceptional grace and dignity. Their commonality seems to place it rather low on the "desired bird to watch," list. But, if one observes this bird during its efforts to achieve flight; one will be impressed at how quickly this enormous, ungainly bird moves through the sky. They literally leap up and forward, unfolding their huge wings in a rearward direction making ready to pull them forward with power that will give the bird lift and thrust him forward. The total effort of motion is almost poetry. The large bird is below and I captured his movements toward flight in sequential photos. I give you The Great Blue Heron taking flight:

His legs are extended straight back and he is streamlined

He is at top speed in this photo.

It's turning really cold out here and I think I'll head back to dry land. I had fun photographing this great bird.

Now, there is a kingfisher. It won't be a very good shot but I'll take it. They are so very difficult to get with a camera. Below is my meager attempt to get this little guy with the camera lens

Time to push the throttle forward. I hope you enjoyed the great blue heron. Good by for now and please be kind to a dog over these holidays.