Sunday, June 27, 2010


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Actually, it's too hot for me to be out and about.  But, I figured I could be out of the refuge by noon.  Maybe I could take the dogs down to the lake for a swim.

Kyker Bottoms is a wet lands although, the water appears to be dried up.  There are some water birds there, one of which is a night heron.  I frightened him as I approached.
I didn't notice too many birds about.  It's just too hot for them to be moving.  The foliage is lush green with a vast diversity of native grasses.  This is tick city for sure.  I already picked one off the brim of my hat. 
There is some water in the bogs back under the trees.  I tried to sneak up on these bogs but the wildlife is too crafty.
When in a place like this that appears void of life;  one has to really look hard to find the critters.

Not only look but, take the time to observe and see
There is always something going on somewhere out here

I've been walking for about an hour now and it is very hot.  I have been noticing that my left leg gets and ache in it and my leg and foot seem to grow numb.  I'm sure it's a sciatic nerve thing from an injury received long ago.  It's really bothering me though.
Much of the wetland water is evaporated by the sun and wet mud is all that remains until the next rains

As I said earlier;  one must not only look but,  actually see.  The yellow jacket is busily gathering nectar

Now, heres one that's easy to miss.  Look closely at the butterfly weed.  Of course you would expect to find what?----

Why, butterflies, of course
There isn't much in the way of bird life going on here.  I'll take a few more shots of interesting things and scramble out of here.
You guessed it (Trumpet Creeper)
Gorgeous wildflower

I'm going for a cold water.  As I walked out of the refuge I saw and recorded a field of yellow.

Very cool!
The sunflowers below were actually in the refuge.  I think the birds planted them.
And finally;  what refuge could call itself successful that didn't have a goose or two?