Sunday, May 15, 2011


"Come on, Come on, Come on; Good girl, Good Boy!"
I introduced you to Spruce and Chestnut on an earlier blog entry. They're mother was pregnant when she was found and she had her litter inside the habitat here while all the rest of us slept. Through the course of Summer all the other puppies were adopted. Spruce and Chestnut were and are the last two. Fall came and then Winter and those seasons are not great months to adopt dogs out in. The two little darlings have now been here a year. I can hardly believe it. Both are healthy and beautiful. It's hard to believe they are brother and sister. Spruce is the taller dark puppy and Chestnut obviously is the brown little girl. Chestnut is very much like her mother, sharing her soft nature and quiet ways. Maple, the mother, has eyes that will melt one's heart. Chestnut has the same eyes.
Maple is such a soft dog. She's a sweet, sweet, easygoing dog.
I can certainly see Chestnut in her eyes. It would be very interesting to know what the father looked like as Chestnut and Spruce are very unalike in looks and action. No chance though.
Chestnut & Spruce
Spruce is a bit taller and runs with his head up while Chestnut, more hound like, runs with her muzzle down. Both dogs are young and lack training. Myself and another person try our best to get them out once in awhile but we are shy of doing a good job. Both dogs are very mild mannered and do not run off to parts unknown when let off the leash. I'm pleased to say that they ride very well in the truck, sitting still and looking out the window.
 Look at his pretty face. What a darling! As I said before; they are one year old and as large as they are going to get. They need quality time away from this habitat (house) so that they can be totally acclimated to the human world as well as the great outdoors. I took them to the old state park today to spend some quality time with them. The pictures are more snapshots than quality because they were so excited they wouldn't stay still long enough for great quality shots. But, that's OK. They investigated everything as fast as they could. What a great time they had!
They moved about together. What one pup did; the other followed suite. They've supported each other ever since they were born and cling to that relationship now.
It was fun to watch them pronging up and down through the tall grass as they explored the meadow. They had no particular direction to go. Any direction was fine. Everything is new to them and they sniffed it all and felt the winds of freedom on their young faces.
They did very little walking. They mostly ran here and there trying not to miss a single thing.
Above; look at Chestnut run. She is running for the sake of running. I watched with a wide smile on my face. How alive they both have become out here. Notice they aren't running away. They are running around me. I am their nucleus today.

Sweet Little Boy Spruce

Darling Little Chestnut
 These dogs would make great camping pals. When they are adopted, and they will eventually be, I hope they are selected together as a pair. They depend on each other very much. Each derives security from the other. Oh, they would be fine separated but what a wonderful thing it would be for them to live out their lives together!

Chestnut's Postcard Shot
 I didn't have to take them far at the ruins. One piece of the meadow was all they needed. It was an entire new world to them. They ran and ran and ran some more. But, they never once left my sight and they always returned to me when I called. Spruce returns quicker than Chestnut, however. Chestnut has that hunting instinct in her where Spruce seems lacking in that trait. They're differences, like Shade and Douglas, compliment each other.
We slowly worked our way back toward the truck. Well; I slowly worked my way back. I just wanted to post pictures of the little guys to keep their exposure fresh on the blog. My hopes are that someone will see them and fall in love with both of them. These puppies have hearts that are crying out for someone to love, guide and appreciate them. That all being said; I'll never forsake either one of them. They will continue to be loved here at the habitat room until their future family comes for them.
"OK, in the truck. Come on."
Look at that pretty face
"Ready to go Chestnut?" Ya; I'll bet--Look at her eyes. Just like her mothers.
"We're off for home." If anyone out there is interested in adopting Spruce and Chestnut; please leave a message on the blog or silently post me on my email address and I'll supply a contact phone number. You won't find sweeter companions anywhere. As a final note; I notice the color renditions in the movie clips are lacking color saturation. Maybe my camera is wearing out. I apologize.