Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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Actually it's called a Rough Green Snake.  No;  it isn't venomous.  It eats bugs.
I went out to the edge of the woods to hang a couple bird feeders and while wrapping a piece of wire over a branch;  I turned my head to the side and there he was not a foot from my face.  I've never seen one of these guys before and it was a treat to observe him on that limb.  He was on a branch that was about six feet off the ground.  I would like to have seen him climbing up the tree trunk.
There is another species of snake that is this exact color called the Smooth Green Snake.  The scales on the Smooth Green Snake are smaller and lay closer together and do not emit that textured appearance that the Rough Green Snake has.

These snakes can grow to 50 inches in length.  They are mild tempered and they appear to have a smile on their face.
They are tree dwellers and spend their lives among the limbs and branches of large trees chasing grass and leaf hoppers and most any other insect they can find. 
Green Snakes mate in the spring and fall and lay between 3 and 12 eggs.  The young hatch in about ten weeks.

He knew I was there, close to him, but he didn't become alarmed.  He just minded his own business and slowly moved along the branch nosing around, through and over leaves and bark.
I was excited to discover this guy on my property and can't wait to see more.  He is definitely worth documenting in the blog.  
I got my bird feeders hung and backed away from my very welcomed guest.  I hope he brings his friends around. 
I will be taking another canoe trip to Calderwood in a couple days.  The memories of Douglas are powerful there and it pains me to visit that place.  A friend told me to return over and over until Calderwood Lake presents memories of pleasant times that Douglas and I shared, and not pain and grief.  I'll try.  I will also be taking a 4 day motorcycle trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway on the 25th of September.  So;  stay tuned in to the blog.  There should be some interesting entries coming up shortly.  I also noticed that the blog site has altered their method of displaying photos when clicked upon.  I don't like it.  I hate when they change things and don't notify anyone.  I liked the old method of presentation better.