Monday, June 18, 2012


Good grief!  I don't know how I deal with this day to day.  I have to unload and load that big ole boat all by myself and cruise across endless water "alone" dealing with high wakes, storms, wind, idiots, shallow water and rocks, idiots and idiots.  Maybe I can get the agency to get me a helper.
All I do is search for fishing boats.  Great Scott!  Imagine floating around on endless water looking for fishing boats.  All I have to look at is wildlife and shoreline.  Sometimes I get lucky and see a turtle.  No one to talk to sometimes for days.  Ever try to talk to a turtle?  Its a one way conversation - believe me.

I like herons too.  They like to croak out gripes and complaints.  Maybe that's why I like em so much.  They remind me a lot of myself.
They're like little old retired guys who just stand around in one spot watching their little one yard square of water for a passing minnow or maybe a blind frog to pass through.  They just want to be left alone.  They bother no one and expect the same courtesy.  They're sticks in the mud - or is it stick in the muds?  Hmm - I'll have to ponder those words.

Its all my meager attempt at a bit of humor.  I do have the best job in the world by my standards. I'm all about outdoors and wildlife.  Every fiber of my being is dedicated to wildlife.  Fir, fins and feathers are what make me tick.  Those things stir my blood and keep me constantly amazed on a daily basis.  This agency is marvelous to work for.  It supplies me with this fantastic boat to complete my tasks and at the same time serves to take me to all the wild places I can handle.  Best job in the world? -  You bet!