Friday, July 20, 2012


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A storm rages outside as I try to write this post to the blog.  The abysmal satellite internet connection is barely able to satisfy the requirements of the endeavor.  I visited the upper French    Broad River section of the lake this afternoon and it was business as usual.  There were no fishermen as they were evading the super hot days and the potential storms that were predicted for the area.  The sun was bright and it was a good day for photography.

 An osprey flies high, looking down at the lake in search of a fish that may be near the surface.
He circles and circles and finally alights in a tree.  The water is muddy from recent rains and maybe that is making it difficult for him to find dinner.
I was surprised to see his mate appear out of nowhere.  I never saw her prior his landing in the tree.
I'll not comment very much for these pictures as the subjects are already familiar to you.  They, however, remain very interesting and every now and again I get lucky and have the opportunity to photograph some old friends that are for the most part elusive.

Speaking of characters that are hard to photograph - my old friend above actually posed for these shots.  He is the belted kingfisher.

The great egrets were at the mouth of the Nolichucky in numbers.  I was impressed by the brilliant patches of white everywhere I looked.

They reminded me of some elaborate painting in oil.

Maw Nature is creative with her paintings.  She has disguised butterflies as beautiful white water birds to fool humans.
The scenes appear surreal.  White butterflies slowly fluttering, flying across the canvas.
A little box turtle has found a cool spot.  Yes  - they are swimmers

Oh, he's watching me.  Look at his left eye.  He's looking up and back over his shell.
A shadow moved across the water and I looked up, almost too late, to see a very welcome sight.
He is young - maybe two and a half years old.  At three to three and a half years his head and neck will be pure white and his tail feathers will be white as snow.  He is a youngster.  But, soon he will join the majestic cadre known as the representatives of the land of the free.  I hope that when he does that there is still a land of the free to represent.
He is on a mission only he will ever know.  He flies along the coast line and gains elevation flying at tree top level and eventually out of sight.
Bald eagles always cause me to view them with awe.  Their countenance exudes the image of supremacy.  Their stature at rest and in the air is one of extreme power.  Their faces conjure up the image of the face of a wise sage.  Magnificent falls short as a word to describe this ambassador for America.

I had taken many more photographs but find it agonizing to post them with this satellite internet system.  There is a canoe trip planned for the next day off if the storms allow me a window of opportunity so, keep in touch with the blog for that.  Thanks for looking in and take a moment to enjoy nature.  Its a healthy activity.