Friday, December 19, 2014


 Once again I have to admit that I've been neglecting this blog while posting pictures and visiting friends on Face Book.  Its almost a job doing both, at least if I try to do both well. 

I posted some shots on Face Book under the title "Reflections" and I'm just getting around to putting them on this blog.  I'm liking the blog a bit better than the Face Book experience because it offers a more laid back venue for posting things.  I don't know - I just don't feel hurried and the blog seems to be more like the pages of a book where the dialog can be better thought out and more detail can be inserted and discussed.  
Anyway, a recent trip to the Holsten river for a riverside hike found areas of back-water that was calm and the warm, orange light of morning passed through the foliage on shore and transposed its image onto the surface of the water.  The result follows.  I hope you enjoy the shots.
How do they know how to twist together like that?  They can't think or feel.  They weren't taught yet they entwine around each other increasing their strength through unity thereby bettering their odds for survival.

 The yellow morning soft light is focused on two saplings making them stand out along the shoreline.

The shots above and below are real and not photo shopped.  Its a copy of what I actually saw that morning.   All I do is try to grab the best of what is the best.

 The spot below was a particularly peaceful and quiet spot.  I'll return here to write or read.