Sunday, June 21, 2015


I've always preferred rivers to lakes and today proved out my preference on the subject.  I was on the upper end of Douglas Lake cruising on the French Broad River section where the lake narrows down to river size.
There is always wildlife on the rivers because the pleasure and bass boats seem to prefer the lake areas.  Thats good.
The area was peaceful and serene.
An osprey watches over her brood.
The orchestra was beginning practice for the Saturday night presentation.  The conductor is the famous egretaciono whiteingham.

Does everyone have their instruments?  On my mark--- Where are your instruments?
 I've had it.  I'm heading to Pittsburgh, Pa and the Pittsburgh Philharmonic Orchestra.
Told ya it was very pretty up here.

 And a black crowned night heron appears.  What next?

I pulled into a cove to escape all the ski boats and jet skis that suddenly appeared.  Their presence was odd for this end of the lake, but there they were.   The bow of the jon boat touched the shoreline and I saw a movement in my peripheral vision.
 A tiny face was peering out from between a pair of tree roots that desperately were seeking soil.  How cute!

 The face belonged to a baby otter.
 One of the parents soon made his debut and showed his curiosity about my boat.
 These animals are amazing.  I find it horrible that they are still trapped for their fur pelts.  Haven't we grown out of that era?  Haven't we learned to value the animals for their beauty and natural wonder?  I guess not.
 Look at them.  They are gathering to look at the apparition which is my boat. 
 It is very dark back here in this cove and i"m having difficulty adjusting for the lack of light.  I guess it will be what it will in the end.  These are my favorite animals and I want to do them justice with the camera.

A beautiful little otter family just trying to get along.  Why can't we just leave them alone to enjoy their lives?  These are safe for sure.  Douglas Lake is large and I'll not even hint at their location.
The day was interesting as well as super hot.  I think the thermometer hit 95 degrees today.  Whew.  

Hope you liked the pictures and I'll see you later.  Thanks for looking in.....