Sunday, August 2, 2015


I'll do this entry with as little fanfare as possible, which is difficult for me to do.  This eagle is unique in that his face portrays thought, intelligence and emotion.  I've never seen a bald eagle with so much character, charisma - a dynamic force.  I coasted around a corner along the shoreline and there he was.  I prayed he'd stay for just a few minutes for me.  And, he did.  There would be no excuses for poor photography this day.  No back lighted situation existed.  Blue skies were behind this fellow and the foliage provided a shaded affect.  No glare.  Conditions were perfect.  And, here are the results.

 He stared at me and he held the stare for a long, long time.  That face had the look of thought and I wondered if this eagle was different than all the others I had photographed in the past.  His demeanor was quiet and the look on his face indicated intelligence.  My word!!!!

 And, he was off and I asked him to tell Douglas, my golden retriever, that I missed him badly.  I think the message will get through because this is not just any eagle.  He is a messenger.