Thursday, December 17, 2015


I have been most fortunate to be placed in an eagle rich environment here in East Tennessee.  Once again the bald eagles are gathering on Douglas and Cherokee Lakes just before winter, like previous years in my recollection.
The eagle photos on this entry were all taken on Douglas lake just three days ago.  They were very easy to find in trees or soaring up and down the shoreline.

 Immature bald eagle
The sun was very bright and I used spot metering on the 7D Canon to restrict the area of exposure to a more narrow quadrant.   The sky still comes out turquoise due to shooting into the sun.  The photos with navy blue sky indicates a photo that was taken with the sun behind my back.  Most of these eagles displayed little patience with my intrusion along the shoreline.
 Just time for one or two pictures and off they go.
I'm actually happy they don't sit there and be tolerant of me.  That could invite trouble for them from the wrong people.  I'd rather they be aloof and distant than pleasantly friendly for their own safety. Humans can't be trusted.

I could see them landing in trees that normally would be at the water's edge, but now sit back far from the shoreline due to the drop in water level for winter's pool.
 I can photograph them----almost

 No matter;  there will be other times.  The eagles below are a mated pair.  I know these two particular birds.

So, there you are.  Another chapter from the Eagles of Douglas Lake ends. There will be other eagle entries I'm sure so until then, stay warm.