Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The day was busy and the evening was upon us, the dogs and I, and we decided to just go hand near the creek and enjoy the quiet sounds there.  Chorus frogs were starting to sing and the dogs enjoyed exploring and getting exercise.

 I had weed whacked a path to the creek through the meadow behind the house so the dogs and I could reach the creek.  The weed whacking became extensive as I went ahead and cleared the weeds and growth off the banks of the creek for easy access.
 Below is Iron Weed

 Above is the old pole barn that sits near the house.  If that thing could talk--

 Above:  Grassy Creek hidden in green cover.  Below:  Iron Weed mystery

 Above is a picture of the more extensive weed whacking I did along the creek.  The cutting and clearing extends the length of the creek bank on my property, 9 acres of meadow.
 There go the girls running and having a ball.  Its late afternoon so it isn't too hot for them.

 Above is Grassy Creek as seen behind the house.  Nice and shady.
 Above and below:  A mother teaches her brood