Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I have been most fortunate to become involved in bald eagle releases with the prestigious eagle rescue organization "American Eagle Foundation."  (AEF).  Each year AEF releases rescued eagles that have been rehabilitated due to whatever unfortunate incidents placed them in peril.  Some fall out of or get pushed out of the nest while others suffer malnutrition or parasites etc.  Some are purposely hatched, reared and released.  The place of release is in Dandridge, TN on Douglas Lake.  The releases are closed to the public except for donors and those involved in the release ceremony.  Yes, ceremony.  The Eagles are usually named for fallen soldiers who have died defending this country, or heroes of the same stature.  Bag pipes play Amazing Grace beneath the American Flag and in the case of the most recent eagle release - a Marine honor guard folded the American Flag and handed it to the mother of the fallen soldier.  The mother had the privilege of pulling the door to the eagle enclosure open and allowing the eagle to fly free carrying her son's spirit away on his huge wings.  The entire ceremony is a privilege to watch and to be a part of, although my part is very small in the scope of things.  This brings me to the point of this entry.  
 The eagle above and below is named J7.  He was released about 5 weeks ago

 The second eagle is named Y7.  He is above. Y7 was released a week after J7.  Problem is that Y7 keeps returning to the release tower to eat the food put out there for the newly released eagles.  The new birds have always gone their ways up or down the lake and eventually migrated to points north.  Yes, bald eagles migrate.  They return in the winter and leave or stay as the case may be.
 Problem is that now these two have buddied up and they need to be off learning how to hunt and hone their flying skills.  If they stay here to Fall, they may get in trouble with getting food if they don't soon learn to hunt.  Remember, they have had no parents to teach them skills survival skills.  This situation has never happened before and the skilled eagle experts are in the think tank about it.  I'm sure it will work out but its a bit perplexing.
 The wing tag ill fall away in a week or two.