Friday, December 29, 2006


Below are a series of pictures that are incredible. The first picture was taken of me shortly after graduation from high school. I was about to fly to Washington state for a job interview. The rest of the photos are, well, see for yourself. A friend of mine and long time hunter was hunting in the back country of Pennsylvania with his brother, who is a Pennsylvania Game Commision Law Enforcement Officer. We call em Possum Sherriff's down here. Anyway, Bill, my friend, saw a deer coming down toward him. For some reason he didn't shoot. He let it go on. But it walked directly to him. He told his brother, who was beside a tree in close proximity, to take photos of this. The deer kept coming and walked directly to Bill. The results you see below. Tame? Raised by a kind person and released? This is "out there" in the woods. All common sense dictates that this deer was raised or at least fed by humans since young. Wild animals just don't do this. Who knows. But I'm proud of Bill for not taking advantage of this situation. Whatever the reason for this meeting; the results are devine.