Sunday, December 31, 2006


Yes, this is me way back in 1973, I believe. I'm at a boring job that required no mental exercise and not much get up and go. I'm dreaming of owning a BMW motorcycle and travelling to places I've only heard about but never really understood. I never imagined opening the magic door that lead to endless highway adventures.
I think that most of us have that urge to wander about looking for the abstract things in life. Not many get the chance to make that dream come true. It can come true. It can become a reality. But it has a price. It has a price that many say can not and will not be paid. I took my shot at it and I consider myself fortunate to have been able to do so. But the price paid for me has been great!. I have never been married, no children, barely enough funds to subsist on in these later years and can not afford what more prudent folks do have and enjoy. But I have to say this. I have done what I want when I wanted. Travelled to wherever whenever. And have memories enough to support the minds of ten men. The tales I could tell and the things I have seen are unbelievable. Now I'm in Tennessee. And the adventures and experiences have continued. I have worked for the renouned Tennessee Wildlife Resources, as a sales professional for the finest "Harley Davidson Dealer in the country", I rove the countless lakes of Tennessee in a fine boat that carries me to a new level of adventure. My companion is a Golden Dog whom I have grown to love and adore. With him, I will create new adventures and stories I hope you enjoy.
My favorite bike of all time. There are some comments on her below in the continuation. What an excape mechanism