Monday, January 1, 2007


You probably know that I am a nut for old fences. Old fences were often designed on the spur of the moment with no common thread to recommended style or process. Many were made out of the necessity of the moment and thrown up hastily and haphazardly. This fence has style. It touts double upright posts with the boards sandwiched between. Very sturdy indeed. An artist could not create this natural beauty. Nature is trying to devour the fence. Her mosses and microbes are slowly disintegrating the wood. The texture is coarse with varied shades of green applied to hide the image of the fense. Eventually the fence will dissappear in a cover of grasses, thorns and moss and will rot away eliminating all traces. A tragic loss of artwork.
There are several entrances that lead to the main house. There is no concrete so I can only assume that these were used by carriages and horses. At least my imagination sees it that way. This must have been a magnificent property. There is a broken black top lane at the bottom of this runway that leads strait into the lake. Obviously more recent owners had that paved. But who were the original folks who lived here?
What a magnificent place this must have been. It is huge. There were four fire places inside and a building with a fireplace outside. Also marble slabs are at the face of each fireplace. They are broken but still look very usable. There is an old out house that is crumbling and three out buildings falling to ruin. One can only imagine what went on here in those times.