Monday, January 1, 2007


I thought I'd start this blog entry with a shot of this handsome fellow. We are fostering him and his sisters and brothers for Great Dog Rescue. They soon will be with permanent homes. We got them from an animal shelter where their futures were scheduled to be short. Great Dog Rescue provides a fantastic service to these homeless and cast out animals. If the opportunity presents itself; help this organization in any way possible. Little guys and gals like this need you. Remember--------its not their fault. None of it..........
The little white girl with the brown head is named "Happy". This is her first experience on a boat. She did quite well. She is one smart cookie. Douglas enjoys her company on land. But he is a loner on the boat. He has always been that way. Happy is not well equipped for water travel. She has no webbed feet and her coat is very short. She spent most of the ride today underneath the dash of the boat where the cool wind could not reach her. But she is a trooper. She listens to my commands and reacts. I am really amazed at her obediance. She is constantly on me, over me and around me. For some reason she has bonded very tightly to me and will not allow me to be out of her sight. Happy, like Douglas, is a rescue dog with a future that wasn't very bright----------until Great Dog Rescue came along. I am seriously thinking of adding her to my family. She is slowly applying those paw prints to----------my heart. Oh Boy!
Happy tries to mimmic Douglas while on the boat. She is his shadow. But there is only space at the bow for one mariner. And Douglas has earned the right to be on point from way back when. Sorry happy. You will have to work you way up through the ranks.
Like a secretive little old man, the Heron struts about slowly and cautiously. He doesn't disturb a thing. Even the water is undisturbed when he puts his feet in. He is a marvel to watch at work. What patience. And what accuracy when he uses his bill. He is taken for granted and passed by without more than a glance. A shame. A marvelous bird!
As the boat cruised down Tellico Lake this morning I caught a glimps of something odd looking about those trees. Look at the nests in the tops. I believe, but not certain, that these are Great Blue Heron nests. A rookerie, I believe its called. I'm not a bird specialist by any means. Thats Janet's forte. But I believe I'm right. They took over the entire island.
This is a closer look at the nesting site.
Puppies do play rough. Douglas is a smart dog and a gentle dog. The puppies worry him constantly but he has learned patience. The little white whatchacollet dog on the right is "Happy" , a Great Dog Rescue pup who is staying with Douglas and I.
Nothing like a little rough housing to end the day .