Monday, January 1, 2007


If you look carefully in this photo you will see my get away machine parked on the shoreline of Tellico Lake. Today I have come to reconoiter an old ruin that I visited over a year ago. It is a fabulous property that has been abandoned and left to ruin. There are a couple stories about the demise of the house. I have been told that it was dismantled and rebuilt in some city somewhere over toward Nashville. And another story states that hippies lived there years ago and burned it down. I will get the right story. I can't let it go. This place deserves to have its history accurately known. One thing for sure; its old and it has been owned more than once as construction material and practices bear out. I shall visit the park rangers at Ft Loudoun State Park for information. If that doesn't answer my questions; I'll ask the locals. But I will report my findings here on this blog. What a place to let one's imagination run rampant! What an atmosphere to just hang out and practice the art of slothing. Sloth doesn't come easy to someone who is used to being on the move constantly. It takes practice.
This lane leads from the lake strait through a gate to the estate. It truly is a road to nowhere as it goes strait into the water. If anything it is a road that leads to mystery.
Janet called me and said she was bringing her kids out here to the ruins for a picnic. They walked the mile in to the ruins from the road. I drove across the lake in the boat to where the old road runs into the lake from the estate. Here we see Douglas, the golden dog, two hound pups that Janet rescued and two boys who are hers. They really are hers. They have papers to prove it. The handsome one on the left is Devon and the future president of the US on the right is Rowan.
This is an entrance to the property from the long lane that runs in front. I love the fact that there is no concrete present. It reeinforces my idea that horses and wagons were on the scene in the early years of this estate.
This must have been a great fence. There are bits and pieces of it surrounding the property. It was constructed quickly and cheaply. The wood is odd in size and construction appears to be inaccurate at best. This was a utility fence made of what was available. But it was a long one.
These two pieces of stonework provide a walkway from the house out into the area you see in front where the trees are. It must have been like walking back in time. What a way to wake up each morning!