Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have been posting a lot of dog material on this blog lately. I don't want to bore anyone with it but then a blog is a place where thoughts are put into words. I haven't been able to go adventuring lately due to the weather and work so I spend cold days with my canine friends. Dogs have provided great companionship to me this winter. I have had time to watch them closely and study them closer than I ever did. They are interesting and great to watch. Douglas doesn't appear here really because he always gets first considerations. The following are newer friends who I like to be with and enjoy greatly. Sigh is a hound who lived with Janet's dogs for two and a half years. Janet added three more dogs to her collection and something happened. The dogs became a pack and the pack acted like a pack. The pack leader, a dog named Pie, evidently decided to eliminate the weak and aged in order to preserve the integrity and health of the entire pack. They mauled Sigh. She was found taking a beating by the others. The dogs she lived with for two years turned on her and were trying to eliminate her. She was terrified! Refused to eat and we thought her near death. After a vet visit to guarantee health, I took her to my home. She did an instant turn around and is happy and bright eyed and her old self. She will stay with me. She is a welcome member to my little band of odd dogs and cats. Photos below are the dogs that stay at Janet's. We all went out last Sunday to the Ruins for an outing. A great time was had by all.
This is Sigh. She is a very old hound that was found paper thin and nearly starved to death a couple years ago. She is now overweight and a happy girl. X Rays indicate that Sigh, at some point, suffered a broken pelvis, had shot gun pellets embedded in her hips and when neutered, she was full of pups that her starving body was absorbing for nurishment. Her final time on earth will be happy. I guarantee it. She lives with me now. The sweetest being on the planet!
Janet with the pack
I call this photo faces. Janet is surrounded by little soft faces. Wren, Pancake, Robin and Happy.
The picture below is of Wren, the pointer pup and yes, thats Douglas, world renouned hero golden dog, chasing her along the lake
This is Robin. He is picture perfect. He is a pointer. His sister's picture is directly below his.
Look at this little sweetheart. This is Wren. She is a pointer who came from a shelter. She is beautiful and a loving partner.
Boon. The stray who became a great, great friend and well mannered companion