Monday, February 26, 2007


There is no better way to clear the mind than from the seat of a motorcycle. I have been riding for thirty years and more and have left a lot of troubles behind while driving these get away vehicles. Tennessee is blessed with absolutely the finest motorcycle roads in the nation. I mean that. I have been all over this country on a motorcycle and Tennessee is still "A" grade plus. I am amazed that I can leave my humble abode and be on the famous Foothills Parkway within twenty minutes. And I am only a half hour from the Cherola Skyway, a fabulous motorcycle road. I used to plan trips from Pennsylvania just to set my wheels on these two roads. Now I live on them. The Blue Ridge Parkway is the most fabulous of all. Another trip is planned for that piece of heaven and I'll cover it here for sure. It felt great today to get out in the mountains after such a "hang on winter". The wind, sun and scenery combined to put me in a frame of mind that can only be described as utopia. Those of you who only visualize danger when you think motorcycle are depriving yourselves of one of mans last adventures. It is an amazing feeling to look in any direction and have no windows to block the smells and door posts to block the views. The wind carries fragrances to the motorcyclist that car occupants can only imagine. Everything becomes three dimentional. The road passes by only inches below your feet, and the entire machine and driver are flicked side to side with a minor body movement caused by a unique coordination of eye and mind that requires no real thought process. It's as though the machine is an extension of the body. The motorcycle to the driver is as a bat to a ball player. A bird maneuvers through the air effortlessly without thinking "I gotta lower my right wing for this right bank comming up here". "Then I've got to get height to clear this tree comming up". No. His eyes, mind and the resultant action are as one. And so goes the motorcyclist. Motorcycling is an adventure. It is riding a horse with wheels. Its is a wonderful exploratory vehicle. It is raw adventure in the hands of the adventurist. And---------------it is disaster in the hands of a mindless dolt! I stopped at an overlook on the Foothills Parkway to try out my ten second delay on my new Canon Camera. Piece of cake. I do, by the way, recommend the Canon S3 camera. Excellent equipment. I love the Foothills Parkway as it does not require a lot of intense driving. Its an easy mostly uphill run with delightful turns and straightaways.
is one of the many views from the Foothills Parkway. The parkway runs from Townsend over a gorgeous mountain road and ends at Chilhowee Dam on 129 South. 129 South is the famous road that leads to the tail of the Dragon, a famous twisty road renound for its sharp curves. The Foothills Parkway is an easy meandering up and down road and a delight for motorcycles.
A few weeks ago I drove to the other end of Abrams Creek from Chilhowee Lake in my boat. This is the extreme other end of Abrams Creek far up into the mountains
The road through Happy Valley from 129 South is amazing. It is smooth and curvy. The scenery is wonderful and the pavement smooth. It also cuts through a portion of Great Smoky Mountain National Park
This delightful road was bliss on a motorcycle. Red and I ambled along at a brisk 45 miles per hour soaking up the scenery. Spectacular views and perfect motorcycle roads.
Along the road through Happy Valley