Saturday, April 14, 2007


I launched the boat today in order to go check on the Bald Eagles I promised to photograph. The parents were nowhere around and there was no use in photographing the nest again. There should be chicks in the nest by now. I will keep an eye on it. So off I went in search of other interesting fare. The little girl directly below caused me to stop the truck and allow her to cross the road to the boat ramp. She was in no hurry. Her appearance reminds me of the turkey I saved along the road last week that hit a car while flying too low. These are magnificent birds. Loons are also magnificent. I find them fascinating for some reason. Maybe its the challenge they present when photographing. Digital cameras leave a lot to be desired while using digital magnification (zoom). But they are wonderful cameras. After all; I'm not a professional photographer. But my photos satisify me. I can check them out on rainy nights and be reminded of the wonderful things I have seen.
Amazing bird. They are holding onto their mating colors fairly long this season. They all soon will be totally brown. It's interesting to note that the Loon has evolved a body where the legs are located well back of body center making it impossible for them to walk on land. They spend their lives in the water. If they loiter too long on a pond in the winter they can become trapped as ice closes the open water. Loons also actually fly under water. They dive and reappear hundreds of feet away. An absolutely amazing and gorgeous bird.
The colors on this bird are spectacular! They are so difficult to photo in the wild that luck is needed to get a good shot. Luck or a 35 millimeter camera with a 500mm lense.
Very elusive and difficult to photograph. This one is still in his colorful plumage