Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FOR PIE (Piradian)

Well, little grandma; its a cold Fall night, but then you know what that is all about. You certainly spent many cold nights alone before you found your special human. That was a stroke of luck, wasn't it Pie? In out of the cold at last. How many years ago was it? How old are you? It doesn't matter. You have been a blessing to all that have come to know you. You have been showered with love and kindness these many years and have been held in the highest esteem at your newest home. Why, you even became pack leader for a long time and have kept the young ones in their place. I was always amazed at how one so small could cower larger, more powerful dogs. Little scrufty Pie-Pie. You always seem to smile when I come to visit. You always come running to me, tail wagging, and I always select you to greet first. All you ever asked me for was a gentle pat on your head. I enjoyed scratching you behind the ear and gently holding your little face in my hands. You stared into my eyes as I caress your jaw line and that little smile would seem to appear, if only to me, and I felt joy at the touch. Oh Pie! All those things came to my mind tonight when I lifted your little lifeless face to mine. Your eyes were not clear shut. I looked into them and renewed my understanding of what pure innocence really is. Dear sweet girl; your precious life will be so badly missed! Our hearts grieve tonight over you. The pack will be one member shy, but when I see them running I will always see you there with them, running, wind at your back and the sun on your face, youthful and full of life. I wish we could walk with you on your journey, but we can not. Once again you are on your own. But you are not alone. The grasses on this beautiful place you called home will no longer feel your foot paws upon it. But your paw prints have left indelible marks on our hearts and we will be with you forever, dear friend. Soon another will follow you. When Pocus comes; help him along and guide him on his journey. He will be frightened and will look to you for guidance. So, sweet one. I have held your face and felt your warmth for the last time tonight. You are bundled tightly in your blanket, there in your final bed of leaves. Sleep tight precious, innocent one. Mother Nature; a daughter has been returned to you.