Tuesday, October 14, 2008


click on photo to enlarge It was a chilly morning here where I live and I felt it would be a nice gesture if I took my guys out to the woods. Fall colors are definitely showing now. Along with the changing leaves come a variety of late blooming flowers. While passing a corn field, I stopped to photo a few of nature's best. You definitely want to click on these pictures for a close up and personal look. The blooms are spectacular. They come with this time of year. The ruins area is a sort of abandoned state park. The dogs are blessed to have this area to roam in. They can be dogs. They can act like dogs. They can run full out and get exercise. They can be happy. I've included a few pictures of their favorite fields; open and expansive. I hope you like the flowers. Their playground And finally; a symphony of color. Presented by Ma Nature Magnificent blooms present the soft side of nature. They are spectacles of beauty. All one has to do is slow down and look. Absorb the colors into the psyche. Allow them to influence the characteristics that make you who you are. Slow down----slow down----slow down