Sunday, April 25, 2010


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Yesterday was a fantastic day.  The eagles cooperated and so did the sun.  I was able to get the best eagle pictures ever.  I pulled the boat into the lot at home, unhitched it and it started pouring rain.  Perfect timing.
The day before yesterday was also a perfect day.  My good friend Bob and I drove our motorcycles on a leisurely ride to Apalacha Lake in North Carolina.  We stopped for a deli sandwich and enjoyed the moment.  I did finally find one place, and one place only to put a boat on the lake. 
At home, I prepared the new born puppies and mother for the coming storm.  They are fine and the puppies are beautiful.  The mother, below, is the sweetest dog on the planet.  I've never come in contact with a more loving, adoring animal.  

That leaves today to deal with.  The wind is roaring so that leaves out the canoe.  I hate motoring through white caps in the Gheenoe, and the motorcycle would be pushed around by the cross winds.  This would be a great day to take the dogs out to the woods beside the lake.  And so we went.
Spring is great!  Everything is green and alive.
We are about two miles into the hike when I decided to take a break.   I carry the big camera in a "camera backpack" and it is a heavy load.  I wish I would have left it at home.
I rarely see critters when the wind is up.  But, one never knows.
My intentions were to camp on the lake this weekend but it seems storms changed my mind.  It will be a long summer and many more opportunities will present themselves.  I can't believe the dogs are tired.  They are actually laying down and being still.  I'll have to be careful of them as the sun heats up this summer.  They don't know when to quit.  One thing about hanging out with me;  there's usually a lake nearby for them.

We only went about two miles around the lake and into the forest.  This pack is heavy.  We'll cross the farmer's fence on the way back.  Then, I think we'll just go home and lounge around and enjoy the wind.
Tomorrow's another day to get into something. 
I want to throw a few pictures on this entry from the motorcycle ride Bob and I took to North Carolina and Apalacha Lake.
Above sit our trusty horses.  As I stated in a previous blog entry; I had problems finding a boat launch site for the lake.  There is good reason.  Only one launch site exists.   That one site is located at the power house below Hiwassee Dam.
The launch site is picturesque and remote.  There is a gate at the entrance to the power house and I'm not sure if they lock it at night or not.  I hate being gated in anywhere.
The ramp has a few enormous boulders that have been set in place to break up the flow from Hiwassee Dam.  The interesting thing is that these huge chunks of rocks have been moved helter skelter that is reflective of some immense cosmic disaster;  namely, the release from the Hiwassee Dam.  Not sure I want to be launching a boat when that dam releases water.
The launch area is quaint and beautiful, as is the channel leading away from it.
This lake is gorgeous and primitive.  That is what attracts me to it.  I think I could paddle a canoe here all day long.
There's the culprit!  That shot was taken from the boat launch area.  The narrow water that guides one away from the boat launch soon opens up into a gorgeous lake.  The number 1100 acres seems to stick in my mind.  She's a beauty for sure.

It's amazing there are no boat launches anywhere but the powerhouse.  I guess that's why it's so attractive and primitive.  We left the powerhouse and stopped at the visitor center at Hiwassee Lake.  I took a few shots from the balcony overlooking the lake.  Look how far down the banks the water is.  I've never seen it any higher and most times a lot lower.
A couple pictures from the Hiwassee Visitor Center were in order.  One display explained how all the TVA lakes lay in relationship to their rivers.
We packed up and left.  The Dragon, Route 129, is closed so we elected to return home by following the Acoe River Gorge up to Tellico Plains.  Below is the Acoe River
The picture below has nothing to do with anything.  There are a lot of folks down here who think the South should have won the war.  That would be the Civil War.  They're mighty proud of their heritage.
A quick break in the ride for a drink of water and back on the road to home.  I miss my dogs.
It was a great ride and I enjoyed Bob's company.  We hadn't ridden together in a long time.  Felt good to be on the road together again. 
That's it for this week.  Take care and be kind to a dog.