Sunday, April 4, 2010


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It's almost 8 PM Easter evening and I'm laying along the lake in some short grass writing this.  I'm not sure where Douglas and Shade are.  Well;  Shade just ran over me so I have her in sight.  The day was gorgeous and very warm.  I hitched up the Gheenoe this morning and drove to the Little Tennessee to check on the eagles.  I noticed that the little guy in the nest has grown in the one week since I saw him last.  I could have sworn that I saw a second little head appear at the edge of the nest but, it was gone in the blink of an eye.  I'm not going to write much for this entry.  I'm a little down because I shot all the photos in RAW format and can't get them converted to Jpeg format, the most commonly used format.  It's the first time I have shot RAW out of this camera and I guess it's just something else to learn.  I'll figure it out if it takes me all night.  There will be photos posted from the days shooting somehow.  I may, however, leave a comment or two above or below a few photos.  There are a few really unique shots of a Juvenal Bald Eagle.   One doesn't see them every day.  I believe the one I saw today to be the offspring from the two eagles back at the nest I've been observing for the past three years.
Here's Junior below.
Look how big he has gotten in only one week.  He was hard to see last six days ago.
It won't be long before he is hopping along that limb to the right of the nest
Wonder where Mom and Dad are?
Ah, Ha;   not very far away at all.
They are a wondrous sight to behold.
The adults were getting a little nervous so I moved on down the river.  What a great day to be on the water!
A Cormorant was displeased with my presence
The pretty lady below was posing nicely so I couldn't pass up the picture.
I like to just let the engine idle along the side the river bank.  It's slow and lazy but, that's what it takes to get close to the critters.  A  canoe would be better.
Now, here's another gorgeous bird.  This Osprey has made his home on a day marker tower in the lake.  This is a common platform for Osprey nests on all the big lakes and rivers.   They are a very impressive bird.
That beak appears to be needle sharp.
They are graceful in flight.
And, here's my little buddy again;  the Kingfisher.  He's absolutely one of he most adorable birds on the lakes and rivers.  I believe he is known as the Belted Kingfisher.
I spent two years trying to photograph these little gremlins and never could get one in the camera.  All of a sudden they were available to me two times in the past week.  What luck!
Look at that handsome guy in the above shot.  Also below.  That is his nest he is working on.  He ducks inside occasionally.
Oh;  I'm sorry.  He is a Palliated Woodpecker
I took a lot of photo's of this bird.  I love woodpeckers and the palliated is my favorite.  I never think of the Heron when I think about elegant birds.  But, I'll tell ya;  in mating season they are the most graceful sight, especially when dancing on the tops of the trees back lit against the sky.!
 Then all of a sudden I looked up and there sat a young eagle.  His feathers were not yet turned white but, the under wings and his chest showed the white feathers starting to appear.  What a treat!  My guess is this is a two or maybe year old Bald Eagle.  It takes awhile for them to gain their white plumage.
Look at the white showing on his underside..  This eagle was back lit against a bright sky and was impossible to get a crisp, perfect photo.  The white on the under side of his wings, body and chest area give him a mottled appearance.  I did the best I could with the shots.
These birds are so Awesome!

The white feathers are apparent on his chest when perching.  This bird sat there and made clucking noises with a soft series of peeping sounds every once in awhile.
Magnificent bird!
It was difficult to make myself leave this great eagle.  I have some common sense and I know when to go.  My old friend the cormorant is active also.  They too are a beautiful bird and under rated due their commonality.  I think of them as low flying bombers.  Well;  they do appear like bombers..

I took so many great photos today that It's impossible to put them all up here.  I guess it's apparant that I figured out how to convert RAW photos to Jpegs.  Ha.
Finally;  it is certain summer has arrived when the turtles are out on their logs.
The little guy below is sitting on a submerged log.  It looks like he's resting on top the water.
That's about it for today.  I am getting tired and have to be at work in the morning.  Hope you liked the ride down the river with me today.  Take care and think green.  Brown's OK too.