Wednesday, May 5, 2010


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What a great day!  Sun is out and it's just short of hot.  I need to spend some one on one time with Douglas so we headed down to Tellico Lake;  just him and me.  He loves to ride the boat.  The lake was calm under blue sky's and a gentle breeze was on the water.  There is an archeological dig down here on an island and I was curious to see if it was legal to wander about there.  That was the goal.  Find that place.  The scenery was gorgeous.  The greens are greener and the blues bluer when the sun's out.  We had some hard rains recently and the water had a brown tint to it.  I noticed lots of logs and trees floating down stream.  I'd have to be careful.
You are going to see a difference in the Golden Dog.  Douglas got a hair cut.  I thought I would get him some relief from the heat.  He looks, well, sort of, a, different..  But he's a cool dude.
Yep;  got him a razor cut.
He sure doesn't look the same.  It will grow back in.
The shoreline of Tellico at this end of the lake is sort of primitive looking.  It really isn't primitive but, its the best lake of the three big ones in this area to avoid jet ski's.
There is usually a turkey vulture or two on these cliffs but not today.
Douglas needed a walk on land.  It's a pretty far run to get down here and I could tell he wanted to wander a bit.  I also needed to stretch my legs.  There is a water intake building along the shoreline with an old gravel road that only the caretaker uses.  That would be a great place to rest up.  No one would be on it at this time of day.  Now to tie off the boat someplace without rocks on the shoreline.
 Ah;  this is perfect.  It's probably chigger city!
This is a great place to hike and to walk with a dog.  The scenery is perfect.
This is the gravel road to the water intake building.
Looks like this road runs about two miles and dead ends at the building (TVA property).  I could do some writing out here but, for some reason I'm not in the mood today.  Must be the sun.  Actually, its the lake.  If this were Calderwood Lake I'd not be able to stop writing.  It's that beautiful!
There are some great views down this way.  Large expanses of water punctuated by views of rock cliffs and harsh shorelines.  Beautiful!
After a couple hours of sloth;  we headed to the boat and shoved off to find the archeological digs.
Douglas was having a great time watching sticks and logs float by the boat as we passed them.
Hard to believe I can't spot a vulture up there.
The water is really discolored in this area.  The lake is shallow and the previous storms have not only washed in an abundant amount of top soil and silt but, the bottom has been thrashed about by wind blown  water and has added it's brown mixture to the recipe. 
However,  the views are spectacular on this bright, warm day.
I noticed a sign on a pole out in the water near an island and went over for a look.  The water was only two feet deep in that area.  Then it went to one foot.  I shut off the engine and used a long pole that I carry for just such emergencies.  That pole will push the Gheenoe in places where an electric trolling motor is useless.  The Gheenoe will float in three inches of water and that isn't enough water to cover the drive head and prop on an electric troll motor.    Had to be very careful though.
Ok;  Will I be in trouble if I tie off and walk around?  What the heck.  I noticed a little opening in the foliage just below the sign.  Looks perfect.
Oh boy;  another adventure.  We are tied off on an island that sits right in the middle of the lake.  I like it.  It's a good thing I brought my Muck boots with me.  This island is practically under water.  It seems that the only place that is dry is where I parked the boat.  It's pretty here though.  The surrounding area on the island is very heavy growth scrub and blow downs.  It's impossible to move very far from the Gheenoe without hip boots.  I don't have them.
I tried to walk to the left and then the right but ran into impenetrable forest and swampy ground.  This wasn't going to work.  Even Douglas couldn't push through the tangled vines and greenery.  My curiosity slacked;  we pushed on across the lake.
 There ahead floated two logs with white spots on them.  My curiosity was up so I pointed the boat toward the logs.  There was a bird on each log.  I could not identify them.  This was a first for me.  I would get the bird book out for this one when I got home.  What a beautiful bird!  Enjoy:
Note the webbed feet.  Very duck like.
They were getting nervous.
Now they are really getting nervous.
Look at this guy mouthing off.
Finally they couldn't take it anymore.  They jetted off at fantastic speed.  I almost missed the take off.   They are very fast and I almost did miss it and I was ready for the action.   Fast little birds.  After I got home I looked at my bird book for identification.   These two guys are Forester's Turns.  There is a Common Turn here in Tennessee but no Forester's Turns.  Forester's are North and West.  Odd.
I almost missed the departure:
We were a long way from the boat ramp located near Fort Loudon Park so I told Douglas to hold on and we sped back.  I had to MOW GRASS and needed to get to it.  Sure didn't want to miss the grass thing.   I loaded the boat on the trailer and rested awhile by the truck and let Douglas fish a little.  Oh yes;  he chases the minnows and blue gills around at the dock.  He's funny.
I'd like to see him catch one someday.  He is so intense when he fishes.  He's my boy.
I'm sure glad they didn't clip his head.
As I was watching Douglas ply his skills I saw a swallow exit a pipe on the dock.  They had a nest in that pipe.  Oh well;  whats a few more pictures.  Swallows are great.

The ride back was uneventful.  I went to feed the mother hound with the pups and look what happened below:
Her name is Maple Syrup because she is sweeter than sugar.  But, she has a passion to be with human company.  She will not stay with the pups.  She will escape and come through the dog door into the habitat and lay at my feet.
Oh man!
And there you have it.  The great escape.
I had to bring the puppies into the habitat where the dog crate is and install a miniature fence around it.  I sat the crate and the fence on top of an old tarp.  The tarp will serve as their yard.  It's all I can think of.  Maple is fine with this arrangement.  She feeds the puppies and lays with them just fine.  She just loves to be with humans.  This should be an interesting night trying to sleep.  Oh, so what!
Hope you enjoyed this entry on the blog.  I have a great adventure planned for the not too distant future.  It will be a good one.   It has to do with alligators.  See you next time and thanks for reading my blog.