Monday, May 10, 2010


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 Boston Tea Party
 Do you think our current leadership comprehends what it is doing to this country?  Think our leader is capable of comprehension?  Think any of his staff has any comprehension?  Think any of the aforementioned give a rats ass about anything but their own wealth and well being?  I once heard the statement on the radio that "the American public are dumb if they can't see what's happening."   I reflected on it and figured many are dumb but not the majority.  Well, I'm waiting for some indication that the smart public (majority)  is saturated by all the bull ----.  I'm not seeing it.  I'm rethinking my reaction to the original statement about dumb public.  The political machine crunches on destroying all that has been sacred in this country.  It goes on unrestricted.  They work like rats eating the insulation off the electric wires in the cellar of a house.  Gremlins, they are;  into everything.  They devour piece by piece the archives of our history until eventually a new government is born around the corrupted pieces of what's left of our past and present;  what's left of us.  Nothing.  And our precious Constitution:  merely a parchment from a by gone era.  An interesting document placed on a shelf in a museum to wonder at.  When will this insanity stop?  Or should I say;  When will we stop this insanity?   Sorry;  every day the gremlins are attacking some new sovereign right or privilege we have and it goes on and on.  The frustration of the majority will eventually reach its crescendo;  but when, and will it be too late.