Monday, August 30, 2010


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I got word that the North mountainside of the lake was burning.  I believe they said it was a lightning strike that caused it.  I'm not sure how they can know that.  I rushed up Route 129 to have a look. The heavy smoke was rising from the side of the mountain that 129 (The Dragon) runs along.  No doubt the pine pitch was causing the dense smoke.  Officials decided to let it burn up hill until it ran into the asphalt of the highway and hoped the fire would burn itself out.  However, it seems they didn't calculate that the wind is fickle on Calderwood and a change in direction blew the fire across instead of up the mountain.  Very intelligent  planning there.  My activities occur on the opposite side of the lake and far up stream of the dam.  However, it is a shame to see any damage to this beautiful wilderness.  Below is a secondary fire just below the dam.  I don't know what that is all about.
If the movie uploads correctly, you should get an idea of the intense smoke that is rising.  Note that the fire is blowing uphill.  That has since changed and is now blowing toward the direction from which I shot this photo. 
I guess everyone in the world heard about the rock slide on the famous Dragon Road, (Route 129).  I thought I'd throw a couple pictures of the fix the state came up with.  From what I can see it still isn't very stable.  If you look closely you can see where the rock is gathering high up toward the top of the cliff and has created an impending danger of another slide.  Hopefully the screening that has been placed on the cliff face will hold back any nuisance boulders but, I doubt it will.

Look right in the center of the cliff (picture below) at the rock getting ready to slide down.  Great fix!

Yep;  driving in the mountains of Tennessee is always an adventure.  Vultures constantly circle over Route 129 hoping for easy pickings from motorcycle misshaps and what the vultures don't get the land slides will.  Interesting place.  Gotta be on top your game.