Tuesday, August 3, 2010


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The hot air was stifling.  Both fans in the room are just pushing the hot air around in circles.  There is no relief;  no sense trying to sleep.  It was a perfect time to put the boat on the water for a midnight slow cruise.  I left around 10:30PM with the Gheenoe in tow.
The water is dead calm as I ease the Gheenoe into the water.  The engine fires up on it's second turn of the key and I pull away from the dock at the blinding speed of 2 miles per hour.  I can't see a thing.  The sky is star lit but there is no moon to hi lite the floating obstacles that may be floating about.   I hope the spot light works.  It does.  At least I can spot floating debris and buoy's.
There's no need to venture for more than maybe a thousand feet out into the bay.  I think I'll go out around the point of land on the left side of the lake and park it.  No lights can be seen from shore in that area.  With the engine switched off, I can hear cicadas singing their operatic rendition of "Walk of the Valkyries."
The insect world is really making music tonight.  Their chorus receives the vocal accent of a bull frog who is adding his croaks to their harmony.  A finer melody there never was .
There is a funny sensation moving over absolutely calm water in the black of night.  It is as if one weren't moving at all.  The temptation exists to push the throttle forward.  A foolish thought.  I no sooner wrote those words when a bass boat blasted by me well out in the channel.  There is floating debris on these lakes the size of telephone poles.  It wouldn't be pretty to hit something of that size at any speed.  Oh well;  its his boat.
The current has picked up with the slight breeze and it carries me in the direction of the old fort at Fort Louden State Park.  Actually if I drove to the shoreline to my left, I could walk a short distance to the ruins that I frequent with the dogs.  By the way;  the surface temperature of the lake is 86.2 degrees.  That's almost too warm to be comfortable if in the water.  The very gentle breeze feels great.  A boat is approaching from directly in front of me.  It is silent.  An ere sensation overcomes one when seeing the lights grow closer with no engine sound.  It's a strange world out here at night.  I have already read a chapter in a history book by lantern and my eyes are growing tired.

Occasionally a mayfly will flit past my face and I'll feel the gentle breeze from his wings as he passes.
The lights on the front of the Gheenoe attract fish.  At least the green light does.  They gather by the thousands.  The flash of the camera sends them scurrying away.  But, they instantly return.  Interesting.

I probably better get back.  It's cooled down slightly.  Maybe I can catch a few hours sleep in the habitat before daybreak.  Looks like I'm getting low on fuel anyway.  Not to worry.  I can run another two hours steady on whats left in this fuel tank.  This motor is a fuel sipper.  Thanks for coming along.  Tonight was just a break in the routine but, a very welcome break.