Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We stopped at the ruins this morning for a couple hours to see how Fall is progressing.  Yes, its right on schedule.  I photographed insignificant subjects that either caught the light just right or held some small bit of beauty for me.

I also changed some internal adjustments to the exposures on this Canon 50D camera and want to see comparisons to the normal settings when I get home.

In addition to playing with the camera;  I'm gagging the weather as the day progresses to see if an overnight camp out on Calderwood Lake might be feasible.  Overall it's a beautiful, sunny, Fall day;  much different than the gloomy yesterday.

Even the dogs are happier today.  For now; I'm just playing with the camera and settings.  These digital cameras are amazing instruments, and complicated ones.  The learning curve to master the intricacies of the computer functions is a broad one.

I don't have the luxury of class room participation and analysis.  I'm doing all right with it though.  When I have a question;  I've got to work the answer out on my own.  That probably takes me ten times as long as being told what I did wrong in the first place by someone.  I usually remember better if I figure things out myself.  That's getting harder with age I'm finding out.

When I look ahead of me while moving through the woods or on the trail; the overall picture of things is evident.  But, I try to divide the overall view into quarter views.  Then the quarter view into half's or quarters again.  Sometimes I can see something that is worthy of a picture within those parameters.  Sometimes I can locate a tiny critter that would have gone unseen.  The picture below right is an example of what I mean.  A cluster of seemingly insignificant stems and leaves in the crotch of a tree normally would go unnoticed.  I saw it and the way the light was striking the leaves.  Hence;  a picture was taken.  A nice memory was created.

Photographs, to me, don't have to be monumental documentation of some earth shattering occasion.  I take a picture of anything that appears noteworthy to me.  That photograph, later when viewed, will bring back the flavor of the day and the hike, camp, canoe paddle or boat ride from that past experience.

Below is the old carriage path to the mansion that I call the ruins.
Of course;  some subjects are very important;  like those below:
He works so hard to please me.
He is a perfect wonder!   What a companion.  I truly love him.
Look how bright his eyes are and how happy he is. 
"Bring it here boy.  Good boy."
I love Shade just as much as Douglas.  It's just that Douglas has been with me since my beginnings here in Tennessee.  We go way back.  But, Shade is on equal ground when it comes to dishing out the love and affection.  "Shade;  go help Douglas."
A golden retriever and a lab are two of the best breeds a guy could have, especially together.  They work as a team and compliment each other totally.  They are fun to be with and a joy have along on walks and camps.
They are loyal and faithful, attentive to me and well mannered.  I love all dogs but, the golden and the lab breeds are, well,  just plain fun to be with.

Its a bit late to run up to Calderwood Lake.  I guess I'll just take care of some chores around the habitat where I live.  The place needs vacuumed anyhow.  Thanks for joining us today.  Stay safe and check in from time to time.  Oh, by the way;  found this little guy laying on the trail as we walked out of the forest.   It's a mole.   He was laying on his back along the road.  I sat him right side up near a nice, soft dirt bank.  I hope he's alright.