Saturday, January 15, 2011


The boat in the slides is called a Gheenoe.  I believe it is one of only two in Tennessee.  They are made to order in Titusville, Florida and used for shallow water fishing there.  I had mine built with raised decks fore and aft which makes it a more usable platform for photography.  The raised deck in front affords Douglas a secure place to ride.  These boats will travel in water as shallow as six inches and allows me to wander off the lakes and up shallow channels that reach into the mountains.  Hope you like the slide show.  I'm sort of hung up on the tune.  Yanni wrote it for his mother.  It is called Felitsa, her name.

Copy and paste the link below into  your browser to view a Summer visit to Slick Rock Creek on Calderwood Dam in North Carolina.  It may work if you just click on it.