Thursday, January 20, 2011


The proposal to hunt sandhill cranes in Tennessee has been overturned for a two year period with a six to one vote at the TWRA meeting in Nashville today.  The cranes are safe.  In short:
WE WON                      
All the writing of letters to the commissioners of TWRA and TWRC were worth the effort.  The phone calls and newspaper articles written by concerned non hunters was worth it.  The emails to the Governor both sitting and incumbent were worth it.  This is happy news and I, for one, am relieved that the cranes will remain safe in their refuge at Hiwassi, Tennessee.  We must keep in mind that it is a two year reprieve for the cranes.  The issue will resurface again in two years.  The non hunting citizens of the state must find  ways to become more united in order to affect a more powerful influence on the agencies governing the future of the sandhill cranes.  For now;  thank you for your support and efforts.  And, the sandhill cranes thank you....