Monday, October 3, 2011


Happy and I had just completed a four hour idle through our assigned area this afternoon and we both got a case of the hungry's.  I noticed a lone, tall tree on a sandy looking island and thought that might be a good place to woof down the jelly and peanut butter sandwiches I had.  Happy was eager to chomp on the cold egg MC muffin I bought on the way to the lake.  I have a habit of seeing things as if I'm looking through a camera and I did so with this island.  What I saw was Tahiti.  I'll show you what I mean.  See below:
If you saw that shot on a magazine cover;  you'd never guess it was located in Tennessee.  But, it's the stone quarry alright.  I did soften the light with a camera adjustment, however.  It's one of my favorite photographs of this lake.  The shot below is with normal camera settings.  The difference is easily seen.
I have been looking for a big piece of bleached drift wood to adorn the yard in front of the porch at home.  I've searched this lake top to bottom and can't find what I seek.  The trees fall but never reach the water to become drift wood.  The water is too far away from the tree line.  I always scan the shoreline for wood when I use the binoculars to find fishing boats on the lake.  There's always something to do out here.

Nature can be merciless out here.  It's a harsh world in the stone quarry
 This island is interesting.  One side of it is sand and gravel and the other is strewn with boulders.  The water slams against the boulders while it gently laps against the gravel on the other side. 
The shorelines all contain that familiar contour lined beach.
This is a pretty island.  I like how the two sides of it contrast with each other.  The rocky side is covered with impressive boulders and the water crashes against them.  If one closes the eyes he can almost envision the ocean with water striking a rocky shoreline.
I never thought I would find a mountain goat out here.  See for yourself.  Happy is a nervy little thing.
I believe I could throw a tent up on this island and camp for a night.  I'd like to experience the sounds of the waves striking the rock shoreline all night.  I may try that in a week or two.
Guess we better get back to it.  We have a few more hours to put in cruising the lake before take out time.  "Come on Happy;  get in the boat."
So;  I guess there is some beauty in the quarry.  Can't blink or I'll miss it though.  I kid a lot about Cherokee Lake but in reality every lake has it's nuances and quirks.  Cherokee has many highlights that set it apart from the rest of the lakes.   As a whole it is, shall I say, less than beautiful.  When the individual parts of it are inspected; beauiful pieces can be found.