Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I showed up at the stone quarry (Cherokee Lake) before sun up.  It was just one of those mornings that when I wake up - I'm up for the day.  Happy was waiting at the truck.  I thought the day would be a normal rock quarry day but I was in for a surprise.

The lake was hidden in heavy fog thick as vanilla pudding.  The water could not even be seen from the boat ramp.  It would take hours for it to lift.  Happy and I waited for about an hour and I decided to take off and navigate by instrumentation.  That's a technical word meaning we'd use GPS and sonar.
Having the vivid imagination that transforms thoughts into pictures;  I imagined we would idle through the fog following the main river channel and all of a sudden burst through it to a new world.  We would be totally lost and the hole in the fog we came through would have evaporated, the wispy way fog does.  I glanced at the fuel gauge to assure we had a full tank.  ha.

Then the strangest thing occurred.  We floated along for almost two hours before the fog began to allow the sun's rays to penetrate it's density.  Landscape forms were created that appeared unnatural and the sky became ominous and beautiful at the same time.  I've been in fog many times but have not seen this light/fog display previous to this.  It was as if Happy and I did fall down the rabbit hole.
The world was black and white.  The harder the sun tried to penetrate the fog, the more distorted reality became.
The sun rise today on stone quarry was an awesome spectacle to observe.

Finally the sun started to overcome the dark, dense fog - as it always does.
Yep;  there's a little dog under that blanket.
The sun finally showed itself and it was a relief to find we didn't fall down the rabbit hole.  It was going to be a great morning.
Sometimes life is not always a sweet cake but all this beauty out here always creates the perfect icing that makes even a poorly baked cake palatable. 
My little mountain goat

A tired little girl!
I looked at Happy on the bow this morning, Douglas, and I could see you standing there, your muzzle held high and in the wind.