Thursday, December 15, 2011


CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE I guess when it comes to nature;  nothing can be called totally ugly.  If  it's ugly there's normally a reason for it.  The difference with Cherokee Lake is that it isn't natural.  It's man made.  However, nature has tried to add her blessing on the enterprise.  As you all know;  I'm not enthralled with this rock quarry of a lake and I find very little beauty in it.  That being said; everything has a bright side.  Everything!  Cherokee Lake will fill with water once again around March, as it usually does and it will be entirely beautiful for a brief time.  The lowering of the water in the Winter months is what is aggravating to the eye. 

I will be transferring to Douglas Lake on January 1st and new navigational challenges will present themselves.  I was fortunate to draw my area 6 today, which includes Poor Valley Creek.  This area has little habitation on it and is as close as it gets to wild on Cherokee Lake.  It is my favorite area.  The following few photos are of Poor Valley Creek.  The mountains in the distance have not only enhanced the lake experience but have created a wonderful backdrop for the lake that I call a Rock Quarry with water in it.
Someones creation and pride, created many years ago now, a sunken treasure no one wants.  It lies forgotten on the bottom of the lake and represents a memory of things long past in the Tennessee Valley.

And, that's about all I have to say about Cherokee Lake.....