Sunday, May 13, 2012


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Its no secret that the bald eagle is my favorite bird on this earth.  They are magnificent creatures that project a character like no other bird.  They represent The United States Of America in a profound way.  The bald eagle is cunning, lightning quick, accurate, powerful, graceful in flight and awe inspiring.  Yes, he's a fine fellow to perch beside the bell of liberty.

Over the years I've had the good fortune to photograph numerous bald eagles in Tennessee.  I've seen many young eagles take to the air and have photographed them.  I know of four pair of young eaglets that were birthed from one nest on the Little Tennessee River and I have had the good fortune to be on hand to photograph them before they took flight.  Their photographs follow.  You will also see bald eagles that have white flecks upon the prominent color of brown.  These are young bald eagles under three years old.  The white flecks will fill in and become a solid white feather coat on tail and head.

I had a slide show prepared with music but alas - I couldn't get it to upload to the blog site.  I use satellite internet and it is a very poor method to transfer photographs from file to web sites.  The photos will enlarge if you click on them.  The clarity on some aren't as good as others due to the photographic equipment I used years ago but, they should be satisfactory and interesting.  I have to blame poor photography on something.  Also I can't upload high density files.  If I could, the photos would be crisp and sharp even when enlarged.  Its a downfall using satellite based internet.  So, what follows is what helps make me tick. They represent only a small smattering of bald eagle photos that I have.  I hope you enjoy the photographs.  They represent only a small smattering of bald eagle photos that I have.  I hope you enjoy.

The Bald Eagle

Over the river and soaring high, 
Wings spread wide, with confidence assured, 
The strength, that mighty strength, 
Soaring above, high in the sky, 

Seeking prey to feed its young, 
The courage of a warrior, 
With eyes so keen, 
Just as a hero, yet so unsung, 

Wings so black, yet head so white, 
The Bald Eagle Soars, 
In the heavens so blue, 
It stands for all, willing to fight, 

Freedom it stands for, 
A beauty in flight, 
A character of strength, 
With its beauty it soars

Over the water and then the trees, 
With wings spread, as it peers to the ground
Owning the sky, as it soars above
Protecting its country, in the early spring breeze. 
B.J. Ayers

 God bless America & let liberty ring loudly!   

Good Night