Thursday, May 31, 2012


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If you remember in another entry I mentioned that a carolina wren had flown under the garage door and built a nest inside a half empty dog food box that sits on top of my tool box.  Here's an update.  The story continues.
First there was one egg.
Three more eggs were added by end of the next day.  Finally six eggs were laid.
I haven't used any tools since this bird activity started.  The little wren was on the nest every night in the garage.  It was funny to hear her and her mate chirping and singing every evening as soon as the sun went down.  The acoustics is terrible in the garage and the pretty songs reverberate through the house.  I love it.   Finally the eggs began to hatch. Below is the result.
There are four eggs left to hatch.  I hope all is well with this process.  They were laid on different days so I am hoping they will hatch, probably on different days.  I'm a dad!
I've  been avoiding the garage as much as possible so as not to stress out mom.  The dogs pass the tool box daily and through the night to get outside through the dog door and she doesn't seem to mind.  I have been as close to the nest with her in it and she lays flat on the bottom of the nest and won't leave.  They own the garage for now and I have been evicted.  I don't mind.  Updates will follow.